Wildlife  Management and Consulting 

As part of our many services to clients, Texas Landmark Realtors can develop a custom ranch management plan that will ensure a smooth and profitable ranch operation. The plan will include grazing schedules, livestock capacity, weed control, water utilization and development of range management, and conservation plans. Where and when appropriate, a ranch plan will also include the integration of wildlife habitat, and other recreation needs, into the overall ranch operation whether for cattle or wildlife or the blend of both industries.

Ranch Management and Consulting 

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Quality habitat design and management are key to developing and perpetuating wildlife health on ranches. They’re also one of the most significant ways a landowner can enhance the overall value of a property. Texas Landmark Realtors provide complete management services for the assessment, design, creation, and restoration of wildlife habitats and agricultural landscapes.

We can design a wildlife recreation plan, assist in implementing that plan, and offer in-depth expertise through our partners.

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In addition, we design ecologically-sensitive systems, including resource management (or rotational grazing), to enhance overall production and maximize the owner’s investment over time. We have the capacity and resources to find the appropriate personnel that will work to ensure the owner’s desired goals. Texas Landmark Realtors maintains excellent contacts with wildlife specialists, livestock suppliers, and ranch equipment outlets, as well as working contacts with legal, accounting, banking, and insurance professionals. We also possess the in-house expertise to negotiate lease agreements on behalf of the owner with other ranchers,  and the various agencies. 

Our overall goal is to ensure the continued success of the ranch as defined by the owner.